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We often have a tendency to overlook many things in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Have you come across an embarrassing moment due to a crack in the toilet partition when you are on the hot seat or the water spritz on your pants due to the improper backsplash of a sink in a public restroom? Many among us go through such excruciating moments just because the washroom you use has inferior grade accessories or probably it is poorly maintained. Well, not anymore.Builders Area takes pride in presenting MyWashroom, your one-stop shop for state of the art commercial bathroom accessories online, plumbing fixtures, and everything you may ever need for your bathroom. We at MyWashroom are geared up to answer your expectations. Ever wondered what if you can gift a toilet with hot seat and self-cleaning system to your father when he needs it the most at this age. Then we have a vast collection of toilets, bidets, and washelets by eminent brands for you. We truly understand your washroom is an intimate personal space and you ought to render it perfect and trust us; you are in the right place to make it amazingly comfortable and handy in use. We specifically focus on providing the top-notch Bathroom Accessories Sets, hardware products, and fixtures at a few clicks. We know you deserve only the best the industry has to offer and therefore. We proffer the same.The world of residential washroom is equally demanding as commercial washrooms and at MyWashroom, we understand the difference in the nature of the demands upon receiving your order online. Sophistication, designer looks, and easy maintenance are some prerequisites of residential washroom accessories. On the other hand, the world of a commercial or public washroom is quite different as a large number of people use it every now and then. comes handy during handling such testing situations.We understand the complications of operating a common washroom and help you in managing it better. Well, added viability is a bonus. Integrating hand dryer we offer instead of a paper napkin dispenser truly helps you save tons of money every year and of course in eco-friendly manner. It goes with maintenance-free toilet partitions or waterless urinal we offer here. Versatility of operations comes through the tight integration of right components and we make it possible for you.Timeless washroom accessories or a touch of decor and functional supremacy, we are always a click away to serve you what you need and not what we want to sell. Change the way you buy bathroom accessories and hardware products, and we are happy to help you figure out how. We know you deserve soaking after a long hectic day at work and we get a solution. Our tankless water heaters are a superb source for endless supply of hot water especially when you need to knock that deal at 9 in the office.We understand your world better and participate it in to make it gorgeous, just the way you deserve. Well, we are an initiative of industry veterans who are in the business for many years and serve all the goodness of our expertise to make your home a sweet home and bathroom the place to relax and revive. It indeed is possible with both of us together. Come; explore the new edge lifestyle with us; order online today.

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